Emily Kitts


Clint Shannon

Emily Kitts and Clint Shannon

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Our Story

Love at first sight may exist, but luckily for Emily and Clint so does love at 6th or 7th sight. They first met at the University of Tennessee in winter 2014 while hanging out with Emily's roommate, a mutual friend. Sparks didn't fly, but they did make plans to see a concert together at the end of the semester.

Clint ended up going with another friend instead.

Then after a long summer Emily and Clint realized they had a class together and, knowing no one else in the room, decided to sit together. They endured one week of awkward "How's it going"s and "Did you read the assignment"s.

Then Emily dropped the class.

A couple of months later Clint cut his shoulder length hair, and Emily's roommate saw an opportunity. They were all going square dancing, and she set Emily and Clint up as partners. Awkwardness disappeared on the dance floor and a mutual crush replaced it. Within a few months Emily and Clint were spending every spare moment together and have been ever since.

Their love for each other has grown and evolved over the last five years with numerous trips together, a big move to a new city, and the addition of their dog Freddie. It was in December at Zilker Park viewing the Austin skyline and with Freddie at his side that Clint asked Emily to marry him. Emily smiled, sweated a little, and then remembered to say yes. Moments after she slid the wrong-sized ring onto her finger a random dog walked up, lifted its leg, and let loose down her back before either of them realized what was happening. Needless to say, they decided to take the wine and cheese home and let Emily clean up before celebrating. They can't wait to share the celebration with friends and family next March!
Leah Bisch